The Alternative Prom Edit!

It's getting to that time again; exams are over, the sun is shining, the academic year is almost over and it's time to celebrate! Whether you're planning your end of school Prom or final year of university graduation we have some alternative formal dresses for you that won't break the bank (of mummy and daddy)!  Stand out from the crowd of...

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Its called fashion Mom, look it up! - The Double Denim Edit

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Double Denim. Two words that, until recently, conjured the image of a cheesy, 80's "soccer moms" or the iconic denim overload of Britney and Justin at the 2001 American Music Awards. However, the much debated Canadian Tuxedo has had a fashion renaissance in the last few years and we, for one, are here for it!  Although we wish Edinburgh was ready for the couple's iconic...

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Leather Jacket - The Edit

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We all love a classic black leather biker jacket, don't we? Think those bad gals in the 50's, Blondie in the 70's, Madonna in the 80's and, style queen, Kate Moss. They've all got that classic black biker look sorted.       They've become a staple in most modern wardrobes and have the ability to give almost any outfit that...

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It Was Acceptable in the 80's - Menswear Edit

When you think of the 1980's you think of bold colours and striking patterns. It's excessive, it's fun, it's over the top and most of all it screams summer!  We love the 1980's here at Armstrongs and are loving it's current revival in menswear this season. It's time to celebrate the big hair, bright colours and extreme styling of the decade......

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Spring Sunshine!

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In a very typically British fashion, today's blog post is about the lovely weather we've been having! Well, who can blame us, it was snowing here in Edinburgh a month ago.     This weeks spring sunshine has given us lots of ideas and inspiration for the coming summer months. We've curated a FESTIVAL edit to help plan any holidays or weekends away. Whether you'll...

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