Get to Know Our Staff - Katherine!

Did you enjoy our last blog post? Ready for some more vintage staff style? Well, you're in luck! 

This week we spoke to pin-up perfect Katherine! Her style is classic yet quirky, oozing with sass and always exciting. We look forward to seeing what she's wearing each morning so thought you would too! 



Who/what inspires you? I get inspired by all sorts of things/ people. I'll often see women in the street and think, I need to recreate that outfit. I do a lot of Lindy Hop, too, and a lot of swing dancers are super well-dressed! Customers are also a constant source of style inspiration. Sometimes, I'll go and see films based on the costumes - Brooklyn, Darkest Hour, The Edge of Love, for example. I'm starting to watch all the old Hollywood glamour films, too! I love Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball.



How would you describe your own style? It's been described in various ways from "fame reject" (which wasn't the insult it was intended as!) to "a teacher that's going to teach you to be fabulous!". Myself, I'm aiming somewhere between 1940s librarian and Jessica Rabbit. Unique and always evolving, I hope.

What’s your most coveted piece? Probably the lilac cowboy boots. Because who wouldn't want those?! (An Armstrongs buy, of course)


Top tips when vintage shopping? 1) Follow your heart - clothes are an extension of self and that's a very personal thing. If you feel genuinely excited about wearing something, people will be able to tell - that's magnetic! 2) try everything on - women's sizing is irregular at best and it's good to get an idea of how it feels on your skin and whether you feel confident in it!

How do you pick what to wear in the morning? If I'm organised, I prefer to lay everything out the night before. When I was in sixth form, I would plan my outfits a week in advance. For a year, I didn't wear the same outfit twice! I loved having the freedom to experiment. Nowadays, I have formulas for outfits I know will work with minimal effort. Or whatever doesn't need ironing...


Tell us about what you're wearing today! I tried to bring a few outfits to show how different my style can be from day to day.

The first is a 40s inspired look - the trousers have that amazing wide leg and the top is tailored to nip in at the waist and kick out again. I always wear high-waisted trousers because they're the most flattering for my shape, but also they give a vintage feel, regardless of what your pair it with!

And then the pastel princess moment. This is one of my all time favourite dresses. Not only is it my favourite colours, but that neckline is amazing!! Like a lot of things in my wardrobe, it's 1980s does 1950s! I saw it and knew I had to have it. I always get loads of compliments about it :)

Next up is a more vampy look. I like to wear all black because it creates a lot of drama. (Also, a lot of people are used to me being a bit of a pastel princess and I like to mix it up!) this outfit is also totally about the silhouette. I love waistcoats for this reason. When I wear black, I like to play with illusion - something sheer, whether its a blouse like this or a seamed stocking adds to this!


Finally, this is my suffragette outfit! I love wearing shirt and ties but mixing it with pencil skirts for something a bit different. I like to play with elements that have been traditionally associated with "masculine" clothing. One of these days, I'm going to get myself a suit!

So what do you think, stylish or what?! Keep your eyes peeled for our next staff style! 

Until next time, 

Armstrongs Vintage x 


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